Exhibition Stall Design

we know how to spice up ordinary and routine meetings in gala events or extravaganzas that infuse life and energy.

Music Events

we set a bond between the audience and the performer in our music events and functions.


Corporate Meetings

Aakriti knows how to spice up ordinary and routine meetings into gala events that infuse life and events.

Film Production

We line produce major national and international projects with a clear indications for offering complete production services to shoot you TVC, FILM, VIDEO or STILL projects.

Interior Design

We are passionate about creating beautiful and functional workspaces. We have grown into a full fledged occupancy services company.

Graphic Design

We are absolutely passionate about simple yet sophisticated design which improve the overall user experience.

Software and Design Consulting

As a part of Software And Design consulting, Aakriti Design aimed to provide cutting age resources to several business processes. As a software And Design consulting company, Aakriti Design offers expertise built on 200+ success stories across varied IT.